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Ariana Grande Releases Behind-The-Scenes Footage For Her Hot Single “Thank u, Next” With Cameos Of Kim K and More

By @MinneeTellsItAll Contributing Writer

Ariana Grande draws her fans further into her world with the recent release of the behind the scenes as the second installment to her latest hit single “Thank U, Next.” As we know, since the release, the music video has garnered impeccable feedback in regards to its spot on references to classic movies of the past including Mean Girls, Bring It On, 13 Going On 30 and Legally Blonde.

One of the main highlights of the music video was when Kris Jenner was seen dancing and holding a camcorder to record her “daughter,” Ariana Grande’s holiday performance. With the BTS series, fans can get an inside look of the making of Kris Jenner’s iconic scene. Starting at the 7:11 mark, for almost two minutes, we get to see the momager pay homage to Amy Poehler’s Mean Girls character, which is a sight to see! A couple of weeks ago, Kim Kardashian’s tweeted out “I just witnessed the best funniest thing OF ALL TIME OMG @ArianaGrande.” After watching these hilarious clips I would not be surprised if it had to do with these uncut moments of Kris Jenner during the making of the video.

The visual kicks off on the “13 Going On 30” inspired set where the audience and cast members are being informed of their roles. Director Hannah Lux Davis is seen giving detailed explanations of the significance for each role. If you take an even closer look, in one of the behind the scenes shots you can see that the dollhouse clip contains miniature replicas of every scene of the music video that Ariana is featured in.

When Lux was asked what inspired the early 2000s classic movies theme, she responded:

“They each feature a relationship that really shook the main character and really propelled them into becoming a better version of themselves. In each movie a breakup was a catalyst moment for each of these characters to really find themselves and be a better version of themselves.”

Later on in the video, Ariana Grande goes on to explain her damaging experiences in light of her success. Throughout the BTS, there are cameos from Grande’s “Victorious” alum Liz Giles, who shares experiences the two went through during their Nickelodeon days, as well as a FaceTime call from Kim K.

Watch the clip below.

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