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Album Review: Troy Ave – “More Money More Problems”- Troy Continues To Win Despite Telling Stories Of Betrayal And Blackballing

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer

Troy Ave has been a notable figure on the New York hip-hop scene ever since he blew up with his “All About The Money” record in 2014 which went on to get an official remix from Jeezy and Rick Ross. Momentum would be built for the next year and a half but went to a temporary stop as he got caught up in a shooting at NYC’s Irving Plaza in May 2016. The Brooklyn rapper has since maintained his innocence. Troy had a lot of momentum heading into 2018  though as he released his “Dope Boy Troy,” “NuPac,” “Album of the Summer” and “White Christmas 5” projects throughout 2017.

More Money More Problems” features Troy Ave’s first album release of 2018. There were a lot of messages I was feeling on this project such as getting through people turning their backs on others and simply grinding hard to succeed. More Money More Problems contains 10 tracks with Troy holding it down with no features.

More Money More Problems” was the intro to the album and is a top three record on this project. Troy flosses with the large amounts of money and properties he gets. Even through the success, he still gives praise to the most high on the line “I put God first. That’s why my prayers work.” Troy also makes it known that while he’s still getting that bag, he’s always a real one by making sure his kids are also taken care of.

Ice Cream” is another track on More Money More Problems that details Troy continuing to win despite facing prison sentences. He also watches out for the snakes around him who just wanna be in the circle because he’s shining. The uptempo beat on Ice Cream also brought the energy to compliment what Troy was speaking on.

Friends Or Foe” features Troy speaking from a previous interview about the difference between friends and foes. Troy says on this audio that friends need to be able to have things in common and depend on each other. Troy added that people who claim to be his friends need to have the same passion for him as he does for them. This is very relatable for many people because almost on a daily basis, we encounter people who really don’t care for our best interests until we start succeeding.

Streets Is A Myth” is one of the realist records that Troy put out on More Money More Problems. People involved in the streets think everyone’s for them but Troy proves this to be false. He points out that when you’re gone, close ones will try to get at your woman and not even help take care of your kids if you’re incarcerated.

Troy definitely sold some dreams to women on “Hold Me Down.” He appreciates the woman he’s into but despite him having others, he makes the phrase “He knows where home is” the theme here. Nonetheless, he still applaud’s his desired woman’s loyalty despite his bad habits.

The Come Up” is another favorite record of mine on More Money More Problems. Troy continues to grind and get his money despite haters being around and admitting that the industry is trying to blackball him. The blackballing could possibly be due to the 2016 Irving Plaza shooting incident.

Uhohhh” is the club banger on this album for Troy. On this uptempo beat, Troy details stories from his past where he had to sell drugs to make ends meet and now he’s a boss with the music. It’s a solid turn up record all while providing that motivation.

Troy details the growth of him as a person on “Who I’m Becoming.” He makes it known that he didn’t need anyone by his side and that his work ethic got him to where he is today. He does realize that there’s bad energy from people that want to push him back to his old self but won’t let that happen at all.

Sense Of Entitlement” is another short audio clip from an interview where this time, Troy is wise in wanting to invest in more properties. We’ve seen him post on Instagram recently about doing this as well. In the audio, he looks at the investments that need to be made in these properties such as wood floors and different structures. In this situation, the ones who he thinks are close to him don’t want to put the work in to eat off of these moves as well. He emphasizes being around people with ambition and those are definitely individuals that we all need around to better ourselves.

Dance In The Rain” sends a good message on the hook to stay strong despite betrayal from people. Despite the pain, Troy still does his thing and focuses on what ne needs to do to keep these wins coming.

More Money More More Problems was another solid project by Troy Ave and he deserves more recognition out east and in hip-hop in general. This project should help set the stage for him to release the sixth installment of his “White Christmas” mixtape series at the end of this month.

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