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HHV On The Rise: Kap Kallous

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer

Regardless of how hard it ever gets, to be successful, always maintain composure. Always make it look easy, even when it’s hard. In 2018, Kap Kallous has embodied that way of life, and had a very good year. as a result.

Kap Kallous put out more music, this year, than he has ever before. He has dropped three new projects this year, all of which were met with positive responses. That has set him up for very strong momentum, heading into the next year.

Earlier this week, Kap Kallous did an On the Rise interview. During the interview, he explained how his music came at a tough time in his life. It was a conversation about how he will continue to make an impact on the game.

Read the entire interview below:

What has made 2018 such a special year for you? Honestly, 2018 has probably been one of my more hectic and tumultuous years of my life, personally, so I’m really excited to see how the new music I’m about to make turns out. But, career wise, I’ve dropped more music this year than ever, (Bury Me LP, Lonely Heart EP, and KALLOUSTEIN) so my fans are very happy.

You dropped three projects this year, which one would you consider the best? They all kind of vary upon my mood, because all three are quite different, conceptually; Bury Me is like a graveyard playlist, Lonely Heart is all women and relationship driven, and KALLOUSTEIN is the monster. But, the one that everyone seems to like the most is KALLOUSTEIN and it’s definitely my favorite when it comes to production as well as being the most fun to make.

As the year comes to a close, did you accomplish all that you set out to, this year? I certainly did and then some! Dropped all three of these projects and really spoiled my fans which always feels good. We made custom hats for each album and sent them out to fans for free that have supported my previous releases which was dope. Now, I’m about to open an online store for all the gear we made over the years.

You have had the chance to perform alongside some major artists, who was one you managed to form a good relationship with? Mac Lethal has definitely given me some of the most honest and helpful life/career advice out of any artist I’ve had the pleasure of working or touring with. The man has published a book, has a huge YouTube channel, wrote and starred in subway commercials, was on Ellen and Joe Rogan, and that’s just outside of being a dope artist. He has a lot of knowledge from all aspects so I just try to soak up all the game best as possible

Can you tell us about your Kalloustein project? So KHOMPONO, who produced the whole project, has always been a producer I’ve wanted to work with but it was all about timing. Right before I went on an extensive tour, we recorded one or two joints including the title track, “Kalloustein,” in a day or two and that really set the tone for what we wanted the project to sound like sonically. Then, when I got back, I was going through a major breakup (don’t marry for a green card) and some huge life transitions so it was the perfect chemistry for me to vent out and rebuild myself as a monster, which is kind of the albums undertone. It’s a horror film and a dark romance all in one if you follow it closely.

What do you have in store for 2019? Definitely getting back on the road and for sure trying to do more shows overseas to spread this KALLOUSTEIN Sound. I have a group project with Lia Mack that’s insane but will take a little more finalizing but it’s almost there. Also when I get back to LA I’m trying to shoot a video for this new “Thoughts & Prayers” single I just recorded

Where can fans connect with you on social media? EVERYTHING will be under @KapKallous or just search Kap Kallous on any steaming site or search engine 🖤.

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