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Album Review: City Girls Capitalize Off Of Breakout 2018 With Debut Album “Girl Code” Despite Losing Member JT To Prison Sentence

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer

This year was huge for Miami duo City Girls which consist of members JT and Yung Miami. They signed to Quality Control Music and Capitol Records and released a very successful mixtape with “PERIOD” in May. They soon capitalized off of that momentum by appearing on Drake’s hit record “In My Feelings” this summer. Unfortunate legal circumstances put JT in prison shortly after the group experienced the success on In My Feelings but is hopeful for a 2019 release. That didn’t stop the show at all as City Girls followed their summer success up with their single “Twerk” featuring Cardi B. They also engaged with fans heavily on this record as they are offering fans an all-expenses paid for trip to Miami to win $25,000 in a twerk contest. Now, their highly anticipated debut album “Girl Code” is out and didn’t disappoint.

City Girls are known for making records for women that chase money, grind hard, and even go after men who have that bag as well. They also come with that raw sound that fellow Miami native Trina was known for in the 2000s. That didn’t stop on Girl Code. The project contains 13 tracks with appearances by Cardi B, Jacquees, and fellow QC label mate Lil Baby.

Girl Code opened up with an intro titled “#FREEJT” which honors the incarcerated member of the group. Yung Miami opens up about the group celebrating their success and despite the circumstances surrounding them regarding JT being locked up, she’s still gonna hold things down. She also applauds the boss ladies and to duck the men that aren’t breaking bread with them. Audio of JT calling in also appears where she discusses City Girls blowing up even harder when she gets home and shouting out all of their fans, aka their city boys and girls.The intro did a good job of setting the tone for the album.

I was definitely feeling “On The Low.” The clear message was having fun with someone you’re feeling but simply keeping it quiet. It goes from traveling together and both showing that high sex drive. JT showed out on both the hook and her verse.

Panties and Bra” was another record showing a lot of sexual emotions from both Yung Miami and JT. They get right to the business my showing up to a man’s crib in just panties and bras and are ready for the long night. The only flaw on this record was the length as it was less than two minutes.

Twerk” has been without a doubt the most successful track of Girl Code so far. The original track didn’t have Cardi B on it but she made the surprise on the album’s release. This song definitely slaps in the strip club and clubs in general. The $25k twerk contest created by City Girls was definitely worth it.

Season” featuring Lil Baby is definitely a top three record on Girl Code. JT and Yung Miami say on the hook how it’s the season for men to start blowing a bag on women for no reason but the guest verse by Baby shuts all of that down. He says he’s not spending a dollar unless women do favors for him too. The beat itself had a vacation-like vibe and the video for the track was dope as it was shot all around Beverly Hills.

Broke Boy” featured a hard-hitting beat as City Girls got straight to the point on the shortened track where they call out men who don’t have their bag right and who lie on the women they have sex with. They also turn down any men who want to claim them. The song is definitely relatable to the women who are chasing their own money and independent.

Act Up” had an energetic delivery where the City Girls try to lure in scammers, getting money out of every other rich man, etc. One problem with the record was a very short hook but verses by Yung Miami and JT were solid.

Clout Chasin‘” is definitely a song that had to be made. People beef with whoever and do anything for clout on social media and the City Girls called them out on this one. The hook was catchy and easy to vibe to.

“Give It A Try” featuring Jacquees was a perfect hood/R&B collab. JT and Yung Miami are skeptical about offering any man a chance due to the games that could be played but are open here to seeing what’s possible after giving it a thought. The song was smooth and I’d like to see City Girls work with Jacquees more in the future.

Drip” is a little too slow-paced on the hook but JT and Yung Miami make up for it on the delivery on both of their verses. Miami went the hardest to close out the record.

Aside from Twerk, “What We Doin” is the top party record on Girl Code. JT and Yung Miami have that “girls just wanna have fun mood” and ignore the distractions like their baby daddy blowing up their phone all night.

Trap Star” was another short record but the City Girls brought that energy again as they’re looking for the dope boys and trap stars in the building with that bag but looking to help them get that money as well. Murda Beatz came through with one of the hardest beats on Girl Code as well.

Swerve” is the 13th and final track to close out Girl Code. Ladies will appreciate this will as they’ll be feelin’ their drip as they step out in different designer clothes and are very selective with the men they chose up on.

City Girls brought that raw Miami sound on Girl Code and added to the large amount of success that Quality Control Music has seen this year which includes projects from them, Migos, Lil Baby, Lil Yachty, and Jordan Hollywood. Expect JT and Yung Miami to stay consistent and keep the music rolling heading into 2019.

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