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Eric Bellinger and AD Adopt Nicknames for Their New Album ‘NINE’

Grammy-award winner Eric Bellinger and rising rap star AD have been quiet lately, ever since rumors started that they were in the studio together working on a collab album. But in their absence, two new artists Poncho Belly and Dizzle have been making waves with their own balanced blend of rap and R&B. These two unknowns just dropped their first project NINE, stacked with great tracks featuring acrobatic vocals from Poncho and bass-heavy flows from Dizzle. The duo recently celebrated with a special star-studded bowling night, joined by Bhad Bhabie, Wale, Jane Handcock, G Perico, Kap G, Joe Moses, DJ Carisma and more. (PHOTO CREDITS: NETWORKKINGZ, DELIGHTFUL SILENCE, MAURICE WILLIAMS)


If you’re feeling confused, you’re not alone…”Poncho Belly” is actually an alias adopted by Bellinger after spending some time in Mexico, and his frequent collaborator AD is channeling Compton swag for his own character, “Dizzle.” The artists shared these new identities on Taco Tuesday in Hollywood recently, and explained that they will be living out their new identities full time as they release their album to the public. Listen to the melodic and upbeat NINE above, and peep the spontaneous meet and greet at Calle Tacos with Poncho Belly and Dizzle below.

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