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Billboard Hosted Prestigious Hip Hop Event Recognizing top artists in the industry

By Staff Writer

The event will pay homage to the movers and shakers within the R&B and hip hop industries and it took place on September 27th 2018. Meek Mill was one of the many to be honored at the event, which is aimed at honoring those that guide and influence the industry. Other major names that appeared included Cardi B.

Over the years, with consumers able to stream their favorite tunes through high speed internet connections, hip hop has become increasingly popular. The stars of the industry have become world famous names and during this event, the top 100 artists will be recognized as will executives and influencers within the hip hop area. This will be a red carpet event with a cocktail reception and a full-blown ceremony where awards will be handed out. It is in honor of Meek Mill, who was presented with his award by Van Jones from CNN.

Some of today’s huge hip hop stars never expected to become big names in the world of music. Often, it was something they did for their own personal entertainment and satisfaction because of their passion for music and lyricism. However, for the lucky ones, this turned into their dream career – a career in music that has earned them many adoring fans, respect from critics, and plenty of money. Now, some of the tops ones will enjoy the added honor of an award.

This was an exciting event within the hip hop music industry and some of the huge names in hip hop will most likely be in attendance. While this is the first Hip Hop Power Players Celebration event, there are indications that it could turn into an annual event although this has not yet been confirmed. With annual awards for other types of music such as country, this event could be a great way of paying homage to the big names in the world of hip hop.

Some of the senior executives from Quality Control Music will also be honored with awards from Billboard this year. This includes Kevin Lee and Pierre Thomas, who are the COO and CEO of the music company. The awards will be a testament to the huge influence these executives and the company as a whole has had on the world of hip hop music.

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