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Sanaa Lathan talks new movie, #NappilyEverAfter, on #SwayInTheMorning [VIDEO]

By M.A.C. Staff Writer

Ahead of the full embrace of the natural look, Sanaa Lathan was among the first ladies to make that change. First, she cut her hair, a move that many considered bold. As her hair has grown back, Sanaa Lathan has embraced the natural look.

Sanaa Lathan teamed up with Netflix to bring Nappily Ever After to life, which also stars Lynn Whitfield. The romantic comedy is about a woman who learns to live life to the fullest. She does so with the help of her barber.

Before the movie premiered, Sanaa Lathan stopped by Shade 45 to sit down with Sway. During their “Sway In The Morning” interview, she broke down the movie. By the way, the movie is currently available on Netflix.

Watch the entire interview below:

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