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Shark floats down the freeway in New Bern, NC #HurricaneFlorence #TropicalStormFlorence [PHOTO]

By M.A.C. Staff Writer

Seriously, pray for New Bern, the reports of the riverfront city are gruesome, to say the least. The city has endured so much, over the years, and is now facing much more. When Hurricane Florence blew in, it brought much of the ocean’s tide with it.

New Bern, being a riverfront city, has a nice park, right there on the waterfront. That park flooded on the first day and soon the flooding in the city was so bad the local news anchors had to evacuate. People were stuck in attics, with one man saying he may not survive.

Thankfully, some rescuers have come to aid, in the city, so some lives have been saved. There was one interesting thing that happened, on a flooded New Bern freeway, however. A shark was spotted swimming alongside the traffic.

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