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Watch Now: New Video For Philthy Rich and TK Kravitz Hit “Exhausted”

Oakland rapper Philthy Rich and rising star TK Kravitz dropped the video today for “Exhausted,” their notable collab from Philthy’s latest project that is steadily climbing the charts.

“Exhausted” is about women who can’t be trusted…and with the money and fame it’s a story that Philthy Rich and TK Kravitz know all too well. “Exhausted” shows Philthy and his squad eating good and chilling while models relax in a bubble bath, but the sneak pictures one model is sending to a gossip blog show another agenda at play. On this melodic cut from recent album N.E.R.N.L. 4, Philthy rhymes about what motivates his never-ending grind…and the changes he’s made to get his energy right:

Tired of getting the same results you gotta do something different / No this ain’t the same foreign we in something different /

F**ked the baddest bitches up in every city / had to kick the cup it’s f**kin up my kidney (syrup) /

Many artists who “made it” to the good life have rapped about all the baddies that come along with success, but in “Exhausted,” Philthy Rich and TK Kravitz admit that more chicks = more problems. Follow @PhilthyrichFOD for more!