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HHV Artists To Know: Top Russian Female Hip Hop Artists

By M.A.C. Staff Writer

In the harsh world of hip-hop, women mostly become pretty but optional additions to music videos. One can find logic in that – gorgeous chicks can really boost the video’s popularity. But sometimes, girls try out typical male activities and show that they’re no less capable than men, and hip-hop is just one of those activities. Here’s a list of five Russian female hip-hop performers, who have managed to achieve success and respect.

Kristina Si

Kristina Sargsyan, better known as Kristina Si, is now at the peak of popularity. In 2013, she signed a contract with the famous Russian label Black Star Inc. Christina’s biography is pretty unusual: until she turned 6, the girl had been traveling from city to city, living in a traveling circus, owned by her parents. In 1997, her family finally settled. Around that time, Kristina began studying at a music school. For three years, she had been mastering her piano skills. Later she switched to pop-jazz vocal classes. In 2008, she moved to live in Moscow and entered the Institute of Contemporary Art.

In 2010, Christina met the Russian composer Pavel Murashov, who became the author of her first song. In the summer of 2011, the girl released a new single and her first music video, after which her career went straight up.

Kristina Si masterfully combines the ability to sing and rap. She belongs to the new generation of Russian artists, who write the lyrics for their songs themselves.

Mozee Montana

Alina Mkrtchyan (rolls right off your tongue) was born in Armenia and moved to Vladivostok in early childhood. At the age of 12, the girl began showing interest in battle rap, and soon she was noticed by a local band. The girl’s first recorded track came out under the pseudonym of $low Mo, and it was a remix of Bottoms Up by Nicky Minaj. At 13, $low Mo first tried to introduce her works to the audience. Fans warmly received Alina’s songs, which strongly inspired her. She realized that she wanted to devote her life to music.

At 17, the girl left school and moved to Moscow to study music, and at 18, she earned her first million. Now she’s 20, and she has already released several EPs. Now Alina is preparing a full album.


Irina Smelaya (aka Tatarka) isn’t only a hip-hop performer but also a video blogger. The girl became popular thanks to several DIY internet shows and her YouTube channel. Irina’s husband is a popular Russian rave artist and blogger Ilya Prusikin, the leader of the band called Little Big. Tatarka’s popularity skyrocketed when, at the end of 2016, she released her debut music video for a song called Altyn. Over the first week, the video got more than three million views. Now Tatarka is working on her debut album.


We bet you’d love to stumble upon this hottie on Tinder. Bianca was born in Belarus. The girl changed several musical hobbies, including classical music and cello, which influenced her style.

In 2005, the girl could perform at Eurovision, but she decided to team up with the Russian RnB performer Seryoga, who at that time was pretty popular in the country. In 2006, the girl released her first album. In 2014, Bianca tried herself as a TV presenter on a music channel, and in 2015 she gave her first concert for a long time as a solo artist.

Lisa Small

Lisa Small (her real name is Elizaveta Smolenskaya) is a young but promising Russian hip-hop singer. She was born on September 16, 1992, in St. Petersburg. Her path to success began in 2008. Initially, Lisa was a member of the little-known project called Cristal’s. Two years later, she began working solo. That’s how her SMALL project was born.

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