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HHV On The Rise: Hoggy D

By Chox-Mak Staff Writer

The state of Nebraska shows what America is becoming, with the rural/urban divide. Most of the state is rural, but it has a mega urban center in Omaha, home of Warren Buffett. Back in 2008, Omaha did the impossible and actually gave their electoral vote to Barack Obama.

Omaha really isn’t too surprising of a place, as Gabrielle Union is also from the city. It is an urban mecca, with Hoggy D also holding the city down. Currently, he is owning the game, and he has a ton of new music in store.

Recently, Hoggy D afforded the opportunity to speak with him. The rising rapper spoke on how he is making his way in the game and what that means for his city. To hear Hoggy D tell the story, he is happy to be in the mix, with a chance to make history.

Read the entire interview below:

Nebraska is one of those areas that doesn’t get much national attention. Can you tell us what goes on out there? Well, that depends on where you are looking. In certain aspects you can say the light is beginning to shine on Omaha. We got Gabrielle Union representing, as well as undisputed boxer of the year Terence Bud Crawford, Jeronelle was just on Diddy’s show “The Four,” Jack and Jack, and now myself on the way, giving you that Heavy Starch.

What is the overall scene in Omaha like? The overall scene in music is different, you definitely can’t be complacent and think things are going to happen for you just staying here. The dominate genre here is pop, country, and rock. So when any of us get a chance to make moves on the R&B or rap side, it’s a blessing for us. The opportunities are so few and attendance varies, so taking advantage of the now is critical coming from this market.

You worked with people like Mozzy and Kevin Gates early. Seeing their recent major success, do you see yourself blowing up soon? I have done shows with those guys, I am proud of them and all that they have accomplished. I know my work ethic and my goals, so I know it’s just a matter of time for me to take that next step. Main thing for me is just stay humble, rooted, and focused on the plan my team and I have created.

What’s up with your Heavy Starch project? It’s out, go check that out on all digital streaming platforms. I went a non traditional route and created a 12 song EP as I am fine tuning this album which will be entitled “THE DEFINITION OF A HOGG” and features a lot of heavy hitters on that project .

How did you and T-Rell link up for your “Pop That” single? We were booked for a show, we linked up after the show at a 24 hour food spot. The energy and vibe was positive. I liked how he moved, I knew with our creativity we could create magic.

When is your album, D.O.A.H, dropping? First quarter of the new year expect a classic, this is a project I have put a lot into preparing for the fans.

Where can fans connect with you on social media? Thank you to all the fans, I appreciate every stream, every like, and most importantly your time. Continue you on this journey with me and let’s put some Heavy Starch on the game.

IG – @hoggyd402/

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