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Nicki Minaj Turns Tidal Upside Down; Catch Her Queenin’ On The CRWN Interview Here 

By Jazzy Nelson Contributing Writer

Since Nicki’s recent album dropped, “Chun Li” fans have been head nodding and tuned in to the Queen unapologetically coming for her throne, protecting her crown and killing it on interviews.

Lucky Tidal subscribers had the exclusive listen on the latest CRWN interview with journalist Elliot Wilson where the vibe was everything but basic. The two chopped it up, as Nicki (in all Burberry everything) seated her royal rump in a gold chair fit for a Queen of course, about several subjects leaving you shook with her infectious and raw energy.

Nicki shared the inside scoop on the latest album release date drama, touched on the topic of relationships, and her position in the female rap game compared to other artists (a’hem Cardi B, Remy Ma and Lil Kim need not apply). “I can’t not have the top position.” She admitted. Nicki says that she has always had competition, but her longevity places her above the rest. “I’m not intimidated,” she added, giving us that real talk.

We know it’s been a minute but don’t let the nearly 4 year album hiatus fool you, the boss Barbie was just busy brewing sound bites not easily digested. Just take a heavy listen on the track “Barbie Dreams” and chew on it slowly or end up choking on the cut-throat lyrics. “Drake worth a 100 million, always buying me sh*!/But I don’t know if the p*$$# wet or if he crying and sh*!,” she rhymes…and there’s more where that came from. Don’t say we didn’t warn you, just take your Tums and turn up the volume.

As the interview continues, she animatedly carries on with the conversation commenting on her feelings of her raw, rap flows “I did not engage in a beef, I was rapping, this is what rappers do, I sat back and chilled while people threw so many shots at me and I charged it to the game! …The new me is so comfortable in my creative choices I was like no, F* that, that’s what I felt!”

Okay sis, Tell us how you really feel!

The live and hype audience was so there for it as they rapped with her during the interview in full fan support. The energy was so lit and equally entertaining with many of the Queens alter ego expressions surfacing, never knowing which one of her popular personalities was going to pop off next.

Whether you’re vibin’ to Minaj’s majesty or not, don’t sleep on the album and stay woke on the interviews. Nicki is holding her tongue for no one and at the core of it all, it doesn’t have much to do with any female rappers currently on maternity leave or exposing any male rappers hair-line surgeries. It’s more about a woman representing incredible musical abilities as one of the best female rappers of her generation and protecting her crown. Now please put some respect on her name because This is King Kong. Yes, Miss King Kong. In her Kingdom with her Timbs on.

Crown sold separately.

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