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HHV Exclusive: Austin Awake talks “A Long Way From Home,” “About You” success, and more

By Chox-Mak Staff Writer

The spring of 2018 has been huge for Austin Awake, as he released his new album, A Long Way From Home, to much success. This album has had coverage from all of music’s biggest outlets. As artists, that is one of the all-time goals, to be taken seriously by the music press.

Austin Awake, more importantly, is making a big impact with the fans, themselves. All the media coverage in the world is good, but it doesn’t mean anything if the fans aren’t into it. Fortunately, Austin Awake hasn’t had to worry about it, because the fans love his music.

Recently, had the chance to speak to Austin Awake, and he discussed his recent success. The new album was led by his single, “About You,” which has nearly 50,000 streams. During the interview, he spoke on the single, the new album, all of the attention, and more.

Read the entire interview below:

So, you’re fresh off the release of your album, A Long Way From Home. Can you tell us about that recording process and when you knew you had something special on your hands? The recording process was very fun! I recorded the entire album at the crib in Atlanta. I engineered myself, did the rough mixes myself then had my boy, Zacc Blacc, touch up the mixes followed by my long time collaborator, Jordan Clark, coming in to do the final mixes and masters.

I really felt like I had a solid project on my hands, due to the reactions to some of the songs by close friends and mentors, when I played them the music prior to it’s release.

How would you best describe the feeling of setting a goal and accomplishing it, in putting out and album, and getting coverage from respected media outlets? This is my second decently successful album I put out (2017 I put out an album named Small Town Boy that went top 50 on the iTunes charts) This time around felt a little different due to the fact it had some big media coverage for example Billboard. That’s always a dope feeling!

Thus far, “About You” has been a popular track, how do you feel about the success of the song, so far, and can do you feel the song will become even bigger? The success of “About You” is a great feeling. My main goal is to really connect with people on a spiritual level. I want to capture the listener’s hearts and I think that song does a great job of doing that. The song will definitely get bigger as my reach grows and I’m excited to see what it does!

Now that the summer is here, do you have anything else planned, musically? I’ve been nonstop recording for the next project and am looking to do some shows across the U.S and Overseas.

With the year at its halfway point, would you say you’re pleased with where you are? I am very thankful for the position I am in right now! That being said I don’t think I’m ever pleased! I’m hungry as ever and looking to take this thing to the moon.

Where are some areas of improvement that you intend to work on, as the second half of the year is soon coming? For the rest of the year I’m really looking to improve some personal aspects of my life. Mind, Body, & Spirit, and health! As long as making sure every song I record gets better and better

Can you let the people know where they can connect with you on social media? @austinawake on all social media outlets! Follow the boy!

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