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HHV Exclusive: Jersey Champs founder talks success of the company and celebrity endorsements

By Chox-Mak Staff Writer

For a long period of time, hip hop clothing was marked with baggy jeans, and throwback jerseys. By the early 2010s, this became a running joke, with people “trapped in the 90s.” Knowing this, a young man took a big risk, circa 2015.

Sean Kelly, the a college student, decided he would drop out, and make jerseys, but custom jerseys. He believed that it wasn’t the jerseys, themselves, that played out, but the “boring” NBA and MLB ones ran their course. With that, Jersey Champs was born.

Two years later, as Jersey Champs was established in 2016, Kelly is a big success, as is his company. The company has many celebrities who support them, 2 Chainz among them. Recently, had the fortunate opportunity to speak with Sean Kelly, and find out his keys to success.

Read the entire interview below:

At a time when most people considered wearing jerseys “played out,” what made you start Jersey Champs? We wanted to change the jersey world with unique and custom made designs that no one else was wearing. We had enough of those boring NBA and MLB jerseys. We started making our own dope basketball jersey and baseball jersey designs that people loved. We created a new market in the jersey industry and went full speed ahead from there.

How did you feel when you began beating the odds, when your company became a big success? I still feel like we have a long way to go. The proof of concept has been proven which is great and now we just have to keep growing. I still see a much bigger picture for Jersey Champs.

So far, what would you consider to be Jersey Champs’ biggest accomplishment? We have had multiple jersey designs go viral, partnered up with numerous celebrities and professional athletes and done millions of dollars in jersey sales. But I am most proud of our accomplishment to give away 1,000 jerseys every week to our loyal Instagram followers.

What led to you landing major celebrities to endorse your brand? We worked our way up with C and D list celebrities obtained through emailing and Instagram DM’s. It took nearly two years before we started landing A list celebrities. Now we are proud to announce we have made jerseys for Logic, Khalid, Young M.A, Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz, 21 Savage, YBN Nahmir, Casey Veggies, Soulja Boy, Supreme Patty, Dave East, Migos, Futuristic, and more.

How did you lock in 2 Chainz for a long-term contract? They loved our jerseys so much on their first bulk order that I made sure to establish a long term relationship with them. We will be producing jerseys for every future 2 Chainz album. The Pretty Girls Like Trap Music jerseys sold like crazy the first time around!

Where can fans connect with Jersey Champs on social media, if they want to purchase a jersey of their own? You can find Jersey Champs at the following links

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