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HHV On The Rise: Dallas Clark

By Chox-Mak Staff Writer

Make no mistake, the city of Dallas is brimming with hip hop talent. A few of the artists are getting national looks, and they have in the past, as well. But, those artists all had records that were bigger than them, as people know the songs, but not the artist.

Dallas Clark has put his city’s name on his back, and his aim is to be the first, true, breakout star from the city. With his music, Dallas Clark believes he has some gems. After giving it a listen, a lot of friends might feel the same way.

Recently, Dallas Clark spoke to’s On The Rise, where he discussed his career. Talking about the city, Dallas Clark explained why he is doing what he’s doing. He also showed the people what to expect from his upcoming music.

Read the entire interview below:

Why do you feel like the Dallas hip hop scene hasn’t properly blown up, yet? When it comes to accepting new sounds I feel Dallas is closed-minded. As a city we are apprehensive about creating the new wave but instead rather ride the wave.

What separates you from the other artists to emerge from the city? Originality by far. There isn’t a rapper or artists from my city remotely close to mirroring my style and sound of music. I’m combing the traditional form of hip hop, where lyrics matter, with the swag and importance of production that we are experiencing in the game now.

You recently dropped your February Godchild project, can you tell us more about that project? February Godchild is a prelude to The Nino Clark Story. I wanted to give a very small sample of what to expect on the release following and give myself some time to perfect it. February Godcchild is the trail of bread crumbs to lead you to the feast known as The Nino Clark Story.

What should fans expect from The Nino Clark Story? Expect pure DOPE! I’m making a statement with this project. The game needs to know that Dallas hip hop is real and not just all gimmick or local sounding. This will be the dopest music out of the city this year. From beats, to lyrics, to concepts, this will be a complete project that turns heads

In terms of collaborations, who are some people you plan to work with? I would like to work with Bobby Sessions for the city, along with The Outfit, TX.

Overall, what are your goals, in the industry? I don’t want the art of hip hop to die. It’s a few dudes in the game going strong with art form and craft but I want to leave my mark on the industry as well. I want to be a part of a bridge that connects the original art and craft of hip hop and rhyming and the evolution of the production and swag.

Where can fans connect with you, on social media? IG: _dallasclark_ ; Twitter: @dopedallasclark

Follow on Twitter @Hip_HopVibe.

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