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Ginuwine grinds on a fan, while performing “Pony” (FULL VIDEO) [VIDEO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer

After being out of the spotlight for close to a decade, Ginuwine made a strong return. Early in 2018, he was actually one of the biggest names, due to being on “Celebrity Big Brother UK.” His popularity led to him being cast for a Bravo reality show.

There, some of Ginuwine’s other activities were discussed. The big one was his nude photo leak, from back in 2016, becoming a headline, two years after the fact. Now, Ginuwine is giving people something else to talk about.

Ginuwine was recently performing and he called a female on stage. A lot of people who remember Prime Ginuwine know this is his go-to move. While he had her up there, he sang to her, and he began to grind on her.

Watch the entire video here.

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