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HHV On The Rise: Tejai Moore

By Chox-Mak Staff Writer

Life, in itself, isn’t easy, it’s just a game of ups and downs, and then it’s over. So, trying to make it in any profession will bring more of the same, especially when going at it alone. There is a reason the music industry is one of the hardest businesses to get into.

Tejai Moore has enjoyed all kinds of successes, in the industry, yet still remains an outsider. Both his life and career have dealt him ups and downs, which have been tough to overcome. Forever the fighter, Moore has worked with many of the game’s biggest names.

Recently, Tejai Moore spoke with’s On The Rise segment about his career. Detailing his journey, Tejai Moore has offered several details on how he’s been able to navigate. Also, he gave HHV a vivid, detailed, report on what to expect from Write My Wrongs, his debut album.

Read the entire interview below:

You’re definitely a person who has had tough breaks, while going for your dreams. What advice do you give people who might be considering giving up? Yes, that’s very true. This journey of mine has been nothing like easy nor simple, but true Faith in God and persistence is what’s kept me going. I would advise those considering giving up in anything they are doing in life to aim to have and keep those two things. With them, nothing is impossible.

When things have gone wrong, what has kept you going? Knowing that nothing is impossible has kept me going. Not allowing anyone else’s limitations to be mine is another.

How have your experiences shaped you, as an artist? Whew, lol. Where do I start? The experiences definitely have made me who I am as a person and as an artist. I have been through and seen things that you can’t learn in any classroom nor from someone else’s guidance besides God and expect to fully grasp. I’m thankful to be hands-on. I learn best that way. Though I was raised to be humble and I am, the experiences have made me a beast.

Where do you see things going, this year, now that you’re firmly in control? This year is going to better than ever! Due to many years leading up to now being quite the experience, as we spoke on, I believe new history will be made and some extraordinary things will be done. I feel it.

Can you tell us more about “Reverse,” your single? Oh yes, “Reverse” is the single. This song is very special to me because as all music of mine, it came from somewhere. I never learned to write just to write nor do anything just to … do it. I’m a Cancer, so everything I do is from the heart. It’s also why I got the tattoo of the heart and music note intertwined on my neck. I speak and sing from the heart.

“Reverse” was written by me and produced by my partners The Keyz, my bro Jay-mo Dejon, and myself as well. The guys really helped bring it out musically. BIG salute to them. The music video just released as well which was directed by Reginald Miller and co-directed by me. As you can see, when I said hands-on, I mean literally. I hope the people really enjoy “Reverse”.

What should people expect from Write My Wrongs, your new project? With my upcoming album, Write My Wrongs, which is available for preorder now and will be released on Feb. 2nd, you can expect to get to know me more. Since I have been pursuing my career and growing as an artist and person in this industry for so many years, without being “famous,” it’s allowed me to really focus on the actual music and making of it. ‘

I’ve found myself and have been growing for many years and although many compare me to others upon first listen (which is usually some of the Greats of my genre, so it’s flattering), by that second listen, I promise you’ll feel and hear the difference. I am from Miami, born there, but was raised in Germany, so my music and style screams this. The album is no exception. You have R&B, you have Pop, you have .. me.

Do you have any big name collaborations in mind for a remix? That’s a great question!! There is no remix in motion as of yet, but that would be dope. I have a few people in mind if I had a choice, let’s get Cardi B, because she’s doing her thing, let’s get Chris Brown, because that’s Chris, I mean what else can I say about Breezy? And, let’s get Sean Paul because as soon as he comes on the record and says “Sean de Paul”, it’s a wrap (lol).

Nah, but when the remix happens, who knows if it will be them but I do know it will be HOT!

Where can fans find you on social media? They can find me by following me anywhere @TejaiMoore. All social media of mine is @TejaiMoore and if they holla, I always holla back. It’s how it should be. Thanks for having me guys!

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