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Young Thug says “Y cheat when u can creep..” [PHOTO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer

Three years ago, Young Thug went from being a mixtape rapper to being a superstar. He broke through with “Stoner” and continued delivering big records. His appearance on “Lifestyle,” from Birdman, made the record, back in 2014.

Since rising to fame, Young Thug has had his fair share of the ladies. It seems as if he and Jerrika really found love, though. Unfortunately, that love was short-lived, as the popular rapper was exposed for cheating on Jerrika and she says she’s done with him.

This morning, Young Thug offered a response in his Instagram video, where he simply said “bye.” Now, Young Thug is offering more words for this situation. He posed a question, “Y cheat when u can creep..”

See Young Thug’s Instagram post below:

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