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@GrownBoiTrap, popular Palm Beach rapper, signs with Republic Records

By Chox-Mak Staff Writer

Those folks in Chicago, Baton Rouge, and Florida really have the game on lock, right now. Nearly 90% of all the new artists are coming from one of those areas. This isn’t a slight to the other areas, because there are artists in other areas putting on, too.

@GrownBoiTrap has definitely put in work, over the past few months, representing Palm Beach. As of late, his popularity is at an all-time high and his momentum peaked at the right time. After doing his independent grind, the rapper is a major label artist.

One of the biggest labels in music, Republic Records, has silently built a strong label in the rap world. Their roster boasts Cash Money Records, which is still home to Drake and Nicki Minaj. Those two need to make room for @GrownBoiTrap, who recently joined the label.

Source: Say Cheese

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