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#ThirstTrapThursday with Annie Cruz: Joanna Angel talks changes in the adult industry,

By Annie Cruz
Vivid Radio Host / Contributing Writer 

Until recently, the relationship between hip hop music, and the adult industry wasn’t spoken on. But, such stars as Pinky have led to a major shift in that line of thinking. Nowadays, this relationship is open and often discussed.

Joanna Angel is someone who has a huge following, due to her catalog of videos. This has allowed her to gain fans from all walks of life, over the years. As much as they’ve seen Joanna Angel, both in her videos, and on social media, but she is now giving them an inside look.

On the latest edition of #ThirstTrapThursday, Joanna Angel is speaking about her career. From day one, Joanna came into the industry, producing her own videos, a major plus. She spoke about this, plus the changes the industry have gone through.

Read the entire interview below:

Can you tell us how you got into the adult industry? The short version of the story is that, in 2002, I decided that starting a porn site was more appealing than any other “normal” job I could think of.

What made you start your own production company? I had an idea and I just jumped on it. I have had my own production company since day one, it wasn’t something I started after being talent for a few years.

What have been the biggest obstacles (if any) to your success? Fighting piracy!

What do you think are the biggest changes you’ve seen in the industry? Tube sites and Twitter have drastically changed the industry. Porn and porn stars are so easily accessible, these days — We used to have a mystique around us that just doesn’t exist anymore.

What do you like best about being in the world of adult entertainment? The performances! Of course!

How would you describe the role of music in your life? Music is incredibly important in my life and my career! Burning Angel takes pride in doing interviews with the artists and bands that we feel our fans should know about. We’ve included such bands as Murder FM, Gemini Syndrome, Aeges, The Giraffes, Bezzel Asking Alexandria, Shining and many more.

Where can our fans find you on the web and in person? @JoannaAngel on Twitter and Instagram

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