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Imani Scott’s Get Litty Video Is Hot

Cordell Broadus and Imani Scott

Houston’s own rising star, Imani Scott, effortlessly brings the funk and soul back to a new generation in her vibey new video for her official single “Get Litty.” The video is visually pleasing to the eye with the old school touches of clothing and artistic taste of delivery. “I just want to celebrate life”, is one of many ear catching lyrics that makes it clear the inspiration and intentions behind the song and video. Imani has expressed the importance of creating music that springs up emotion in the listener because that’s a lost art in today’s music industry.

The video is the embodiment of the lyrics Imani sings with her soulful voice. Comparisons to music videos of people outside with family and friends enjoying life have been made. Music video like Will Smith’s Summertime, and Beyoncé music video Party have been at the top of the list. Imani Scott has raised the bar for artists to today with Get Litty. Encouraging them to promote self-expression and being to put emotions on a track.

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