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On The Rise: Diz Does

By Carlos Cureno
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Daily, people need inspiration in order to keep going. One minute, things can be perfect, and one thing can make it all bad. Then, like clockwork, everything can be right back in order, sometimes even better than before.

What is described above is a thing called life, real life, something many artists have gotten away from. But, Diz Does is among the newer generation of rappers changing this. He has been around for some time, but he is making his impact felt in 2017.

Diz Does is the latest artist to speak to Hip Hop Vibe in the On The Rise interview. The conversation centers around the growth he has made over the past few years. He would also talk about the content of his music and what he has coming next.

Read the entire interview below:

Before we get into it, where did your name, Diz Does originate? Diz Does is a combination of my former rap names and my presence in the streets.

Can you tell us a little about your father, EM3? My father is the reason all this is happening today. When I was younger, I used to watch my dad perform all the time. I was pretty shy, at the time, and my dad wanted to bust me out of my shell. So, I started doing back up for him and it pretty much took off from there. Everything that I know and do in music and in life is inspired by my dad.

What impact has positive rap had on your life, as a whole? I have a good heart and good intentions. I feel like I spent a majority of my upbringing trying to bring people unfamiliar with God closer to him. Today, I still teach my kids that anything in life is possible through a relationship with God. I’ve never been a trouble maker. I just believe in getting money the strong way.

Even though you make “secular” music, do you feel it’s important to still keep the overall message positive? You know what, that’s a very good question! I am in touch with God, daily, and I constantly remind myself how blessed I am. Now, on the message aspect, I switched to secular to tell my true story with no strings attached. I believe I have a purpose in this world to speak for everyone just like me. I’m just trying to make music that brings people together in a party atmosphere to have a good time.Not so much about a positive message anymore.

You enjoyed some success with your Dizneyland mixtape, so what are expectations for Dizloyal, the upcoming tape? Dizloyal is actually my first solo project ever. It’s my baby, for sure, because I put a lot of me into it to tell my story. Me, personally, I feel it’s the best compilation of songs I’ve ever put together in my life, due to all the projects I’ve worked on before. I am coming in hard and strong you either like it or you hate it.

Do you have some songs you intend to release, beforehand? Actually I have two songs I planned on releasing one titled “Girlfriend” and the other, titled “Brand New.”

Where can fans connect with you on social media? My fans can reach me on Instagram @DizDoes, on Twitter @Dizgomery, and on SoundCloud /DizDoes.

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