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Music therapy and horses are helping children with cancer

By Alyssa Debonair
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Cancer has become the most-lethal disease and a top killer. Over the years, cancer has taken away some phenomenal people at a very early age. Among those victims is Apple CEO and founder, Steve Jobs, who definitely had more to contribute to the world.

While he, and the countless number of other cancer victims are no longer here, there are a large number of survivors. There are some programs out there making cancer much easier to deal with. More people than ever are surviving cancer and, hopefully, this increases.

Such programs helping cancer patients heal from cancer is music therapy. Especially with children, this is a big help, along with a program called Horse Therapy, where the children are interacting with horses and it provides a distraction. The progress on these programs, and other cancer treatments are going well with more info found here.

Read further details below:

Alleviating Cancer Through Musical Therapy

Cancer is a terrible disease that affects millions of people worldwide. The side-effects are devastating, ranging from physical to psychological, and change the lives of patients and those around them. One of the many therapies employed to complement cancer treatments is musical therapy. Listening, moving, singing and making music with instruments are all activities that help cancer victims to relax. This can also help to develop self-confidence and improve overall wellbeing. Music is a creative means to express emotions and cope with the symptoms of the disease.

Another promising cancer therapy uses horses to complement existing medical treatments. Equine therapy offers many benefits for cancer patients both physically and emotionally. Horse riding provides physical gains by strengthening muscles and improving balance and coordination. This is beneficial for those weakened by cancer treatment such as radiation or drugs. Horse therapy offers a welcome distraction from the pain and suffering that cancer brings. It also assists sufferers to cope with the anxiety and stress brought on by the disease.

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