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Active shooting taking place at #LAX in Los Angeles #LosAngelesShooting [VIDEO]

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Active shooting taking place at #LAX in Los Angeles #LosAngelesShooting [VIDEO]

LaxshootingvidBy Tony Lesesne
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Developing story taking place in Los Angeles at the LAX, aka the Los Angeles International Airport. In the midst of the celebration of all things music in New York City, all hell is breaking loose in Los Angeles. This summer has been very tragic, to say the least.


Plenty of shootings have taken place, of all kinds. Race on race violence has claimed innocent lives, cops have taken all kinds of liberties to take innocent lives, and mass shooters have been on the loose. The latest situation is taking place in LA, right now.

Thirty minutes ago, Buzzfeed reported there is an active shooter on the loose at LAX. Details are scarce, as the story is still developing, but info should soon emerge. Meanwhile, there is a video right now of cops combing the premises.

Watch the entire video below:

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