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On The Rise: Onirose

On the Rise

On The Rise: Onirose

OniroseBy Carlos Cureno
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Many people gravitate to music for different reasons, but music mostly makes people feel good. People who make it and listen to it often use it as a few minutes of escape. This is especially true for Onirose, who has gained a growing fan base with a new blend of music.


Onirose is influenced by many elements of music, but she is one of the first to mix it and relay a powerful message. This is evidenced on such records as “I Had Enough,” which has been out for a few weeks. As she has her new project coming, the singles are gaining momentum.

Recently, Onirose discussed her rising career with for the latest On The Rise segment. During the interview, she opened up on exactly why she makes music and there is a sentimental reason for that. She would speak on this and her future, which looks very bright.

Read the entire interview below:

Seeing how you first recorded music after losing your mother, do you consider your career the last gift she gave to you? This very question evokes a lot of memories. Though she marveled at my musical talent, as a child, and got me onto stage, she later wanted me to put music above everything else and so I rebelled. It is rather ironic to think of my career as her last gift to me, but, it quite possibly might be. After all, she is the reason I do what I do!

When most people go outside of the traditional route for their careers, they receive flack from their families, what is it like to have the support of your family? It is simply marvelous. Thankfully, they support me with enthusiasm.

Can you tell us more about your current music? I have two singles which have been released in 2016, “I’ve Had Enough” and “Get It In.” “I’ve Had Enough” is a fusion of pop/R&B and modern dancehall; co-written by self and based on actual experience. I knew that many females would be able to relate having gone through that themselves, so I wanted to record that for my listeners/audience. Thus far, they’ve received it well. “Get It In,” also R&B/dancehall is a favorite of the party goers (such as myself). It has a smooth rhythm and features a (Jamaican) dancehall artist. Both tracks are doing well locally and internationally.

What is the story behind your new single, “I Had Enough?” The story is about being able to finally say “enough is enough” after seven years. Releasing that the romance is not worth trying to rekindle if one has continuously tried and the other hasn’t.

Thus far, the music video has performed fairly well, are you happy with the results, or are you pushing for more? I am pleased, but I am most definitely pushing for more.

Do you plan to release another single before returning with a full project? Yes. In fact, the final work of the new single will soon be completed and a release date will be set. Thrilled!

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Watch “I Had Enough” by Onirose below:

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