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On The Rise: Shaka Free Radical

On the Rise

On The Rise: Shaka Free Radical

Shaka Free RadicalBy Carlos Cureno
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Every city, even small towns, have bubbling hip hop scenes. One of the more interesting hip hop cities is Orlando, as they have many emerging artists. Of course, there is Caskey on Cash Money Records and then there is Shaka Free Radical working to put the city on the map.


Shaka Free Radical is making a lot of things happen and he is doing it right off the muscle. Recently, he released “Feeling On Yo Booty,” featuring Elijah. With his single doing well, Shaka Free Radical has a full project he is promoting.

Recently, Shaka Free Radical spoke to Hip Hop Vibe. He took time out to do the latest On The Rise interview. During the conversation, he spoke on the history of Orlando hip hop and what his plans for the game are.

Read the entire interview below:

As a native of Orlando, why do think the city hasn’t enjoyed the same type of success, in hip hop, as Miami? Orlando is still relatively a small market. It’s growing, but the lack of true natives of the city, everybody’s transplants (laughs.) It’ll be the next generation of artists and another ten years before we’re all caught up. Until then, I’m stamping and holding it down!

Do you believe you can usher in an Orlando wave into what is considered “mainstream” hip hop? Yeah, of course! My music, beats, and writing style is different from what’s poppin’ now AND it’s dope.

What is the biggest change you believe you bring to a game that is becoming very stagnant? Like my idol, Ludacris, YOU CAN UNDERSTAND ME! 😂. Not to mention, my love of Rock N Roll blended makes a wider audience want to pay attention

You have your Outrage mixtape that you are pushing, where did that title come from? I got picked on, as a kid, for being me. In ’03, as I wore tight jeans and skated and was called a “white boy.” Six years later, it’s the trend😫 . Until my style and sound is respected, even though it’s always gonna be before its time, OUTRAGE threw my outcry of music and fashion.

Currently, you have the “Feeling On Yo Booty” single out, is this record inspired by R. Kelly? Partially. When co-producing the beat I thought about cutting class in high school, pressed up on a chick making out with her trying to smash. HaHa! They saying no, while grabbing my jock, ahh, good times😄

Do you anticipate this song becoming a breakout record? Oh yeah, I’ve been getting great feed back so far, WHY NOT!

What are some other Shaka Free Radical records people should be on the lookout for? “Living for Tonight,” “Get a on my Level” for the real hip hop heads, and the future Southern anthem “Fat Lady” and “Giuliet.”

Can you please let people know where they can find you on social media? Instagram @Shaka_Free_Radical;;

Follow Carlos Cureno on Twitter @DjayyCharliee.

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