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On The Rise: Hypothetical

On the Rise

On The Rise: Hypothetical

HypotheticalBy Carlos Cureno
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

There is a reason many people say music is the best medicine that there is. When things happen, many find themselves escaping in music. Then, there are others who make music and they use it to escape and other forms of entertainment.

Hypothetical, a two-man duo from Philadelphia, have made a vow to provide many people soundtracks for their memories. The two artists currently have some traction. Their single, “Head Right,” has become a bit of a viral hit.

With their star rising, Hypothetical spoke to Hip Hop Vibe for the latest On The Rise interview. During their conversation, they explained why they began making music and what their goals are. Among their goals is topping the Billboard Hot 100.

Read the entire interview below:

Why do you two call yourselves ‘Hypothetical’? Sean: We were searching for a name that truly encompasses our vision and also our friendship. The genres of music that we enjoy don’t necessarily mesh well together so we thought, hypothetically, it could work, mixing hip-hop with alternative rock tendencies. Matt and I realized that one unique trait we share is being able to come up with these outlandish “hypothetical” scenarios and go as far down the rabbit hole as possible with them. Here’s a hypothetical scenario for you; an independently recorded and released song tops the Billboard Hot 100 chart. These types of scenarios are becoming more and more possible by the day in the industry.

Matt: When we work in our element, it always strays away from what is literal. I push for that state of mind to get us into a place that isn’t normal, and songs come out. Hypothetical seemed natural to describe this feeling.

Currently, Philadelphia is experiencing a resurgence with Meek Mill leading the way and guys like PnB Rock emerging. How do you two separate yourselves from that particular sound? Sean: Meek has single-handedly put Philly on the map in contemporary hip-hop. Guys like him and PnB Rock have their own respective styles, but they seem to feed into what’s “cool” right now. Hypothetical has set out to make sounds that haven’t really been made before. Meek’s music is reminiscent of his upbringing, which was not easy. We’re two suburban white dudes, so it wouldn’t be natural for us to have a similar sound.

Matt: We love Meek, and all the rappers coming out of this city. Philly is a cool place to come up because there’s a lot of support for new artists. Our sound has similar feels to these artists but is distinctly different in instrumentation and flow.

How do you feel about the success of your “Head Right” single? Sean: There’s so much music out there these days, so for our first official single to surface above all the noise is a great feeling. Our numbers keep growing on Spotify every day and we’re getting added to more and more user playlists, so we’re very happy with how it’s done these first two months.

Matt: We’ve been making music for over 10 years, and “Head Right” was decidedly the first thing a lot of fans would hear from us. We’re happy with the growth, but haven’t come close to experiencing its full potential.

Can you talk more about your EP, The Only One Laughing? Sean: This is our debut EP so we definitely put a lot of work into it. We’ve been working on this collection of songs now for almost a year. We hired Spencer Muscio, a.k.a “MooseMadeMusic” to mix our records. He works closely with Allan Rayman and dvsn. He was a pleasure to work with, he understood our vision, and he really helped the songs come to life. We got our mastering done by Tom Coyne and Sterling Sound. He mastered the latest records from TSwift, Biebs, and Adele so he definitely blessed our songs for all listening environments. As far as artistic direction goes, we used Dave Sadofsky (@david.sadofsky), a very talented photographer and friend from our hometown to shoot the cover art. He portrayed the message we were going for perfectly. Basically, this EP was written to represent the message of “being on your own”. We’ve heard these songs over and over again for the past year but nobody else has, so we definitely set out to prove to all the doubters that we can do this.

Matt: We play with a lot of themes on this release. The come up, our personal story, women/drugs… We stem it from experience but play on these ridiculous scenarios, sometimes ideal, sometimes not. Also, we recorded this in a home studio to keep the raw sound, and love that element of our initial EP.

Are you two planning to release another single from the EP? Matt: Nope, no second singles off this EP. We’d rather push out new music for our fans than ride out existing songs, which we plan to do before the end of the year. These records will carry themselves, and we’ll still be incorporating them heavily into our live sets.

Would you ever consider adding a big name to the “Head Right” record for a remix single? Sean: Absolutely. We would especially like to have Lil Dicky’s alter-ego “Brain” featured on one of our records. Or Eminem, or Kendrick.

Matt: 100%. It’d have to be the right person for us though. Having the opportunity to work with elite artists would undoubtedly bring out the best in us. We tend to rise to the occasion. On the other hand I wouldn’t collab with other artists all the time, because I want to keep our original sound in tact.

What does come next for the Hypothetical duo? Sean: We have another EP that we’re planning on releasing some time late Fall. Matt has been at a video shoot for the past few days for the single from that EP.

Matt: You haven’t seen anything yet, which is the most exciting part. We’ll be touring, releasing new music, and continuously making content at a very fast pace for the next year.

Where can fans connect with Hypothetical, collectively, and you two, individually, on social media? Hypothetical Instagram: @hypotheticalmusic

Matt’s Instagram: @hauntedbeats

Sean’s Instagram: @sean_ohhh

Hypothetical Twitter: @hyp0thetical

Hit us up, we always respond!

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