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On The Rise: Amen-Ra

On the Rise

On The Rise: Amen-Ra

Amen-RaBy Carlos Cureno
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Life isn’t fair and the sooner people learn and accept this, the easier it is to move on from it. That simple fact prompted Amen-Ra, an up-and-coming artist to adopt “failure is not an option” as his mantra. His movement is called “F.I.N.A.O.”

Amen-Ra is not someone people would know of directly off top, yet. He is, however, one of the most-connected artists in the game. There are a long list of artists Amen-Ra has worked with in the game and Jay Z is among them.

Currently, Amen-Ra is in the midst of promoting his new material and he allowed Hip Hop Vibe the chance to speak to him. In the latest On The Rise interview, Amen-Ra opened up on his status in the game. He also explained his “never say die” attitude.

Read the entire interview below:

Being in business and pursuing a dream means failures are a part of the game, so can you go in-depth about your “F.I.N.A.O.” motto and explain why people need this mentality in every day life? Well, being that failure is apart of life, sometimes the greatest success is only acquired after failure. So, with ‘failure not being an option’ there’s always room for improvement and turn; sky’s the limit.

When you adapted this mentality, in what ways did your music change? I enhanced it; understanding how competitive this game is, and realized I had to do whatever it took to be the best at it. I could never settle always evolving.

Was working with Jay Z anything like you imagined it would be? Honestly, it was surreal to share the stage with him. It gave me an outlook on my future… complete motivation.

Who are some other big names you have goals of working with? Busta Rhymes, Ne-Yo, Kendrick Lamar, Rih Rih, and Usher

Can you tell the people more about the F.I.N.A.O. EPIt’s a high energy- fast paced outlook on life and how fun and positive music can fix ANY situation, and attract the ladies

Currently, you have the “Talk My Shit” record that is doing well, can you speak more on this track and your goals for it? “Talk My Shit” is an anthem for the ladies, but it the definition of expression for every song sung or written buy an artist, basically every time a song comes on its an artist talking shit, well this song say its time for me to “talk my shit”. I figured it was something EVERYONE can relate to.

Do you plan to put out another single/music video? Supply and demand… After I supply enough of the djs and radio stations to play my new single there will be a demand for a visual, that’s when I will drop the video

Where can people go to find you on social media? It’s about branding ALL social media @bam2amenra Instagram/Twitter/Snapchat/Facebook.

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