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Dr. Farrah Gray issues a response to Method Man [PHOTO]

Farrah Gray 2By Rickelle Lee
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

As previously stated, Dr. Farrah Gray is one of the more notable younger entrepreneurs in the industry. Recent years have seen him shift his focus to social media. This transition has made him a bit of a celebrity.

However, this week, Farrah Gray has attracted the wrong type of attention. A few days ago, he shared a photo of Method Man’s wife, which angered the rapper. According to Method Man, he made several requests to remove the picture to no avail.

This afternoon, however, Farrah Gray removed the photo, along with the article, which was about his wife surviving cancer. But, Method Man already stated he was done with social media. But, Farrah Gray fired back to defend himself and his actions with an Instagram photo, he tweeted directly to Hip Hop Vibe.

See Dr. Farrah Gray’s Instagram photo below:


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