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Beyonce receives four #Emmys nominations over #Lemonade visual album

Beyonce Lemonade 2By Alyssa Debonair
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Everything Beyonce does seems to be a tremendous success. In 2013, she changed the game when she dropped her self-titled album out of nowhere. The album produced hits for the next two years, by which time she was a partner with Jay Z in TIDAL.

Beyonce received enough press about speculation of another surprise album that it allowed her to shock fans, again. Since 2013, the world waited on another surprise Beyonce album. Instead, she announced something named Lemonade and then premiered it on HBO.

Outing the cheating, allegedly of Jay Z, Beyonce had the whole online world talking. In watching Lemonade, it was clear it was an album and she premiered the videos on HBO to solid ratings. Because it premiered on TV, Beyonce is up for four Emmy nominations.

Read the list of Beyonce’s Lemonade Emmy nominations below:


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