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#RIPAntonioPerkins: Chicago man shot and killed during LIVE Facebook video #RIPCiceroYayo [VIDEO]

ChiraqlivedeathvidBy Jay Mack
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

The violence just has to stop, it’s been five years since Kanye West mentioned the Chicago shootings. It was on “Murder To Excellence” off the Watch The Throne album with Jay Z. Sadly, nothing has changed, it has gotten worse, in fact.

Many criticize much of the music coming from Chicago, but the young men making the music are products of the environment. Something has to be done within the city to bring forth a change. If not, another father will be taken from his young children.

Antonio Perkins is a Chicago resident who was enjoying a summer day, before his life ended. Known as Cicero Yayo online, Perkins posted a live video of himself in the streets and the above image is a clip from just before his life ended. Although it is very graphic, fans can watch his Facebook live video, in which he is shot and killed during the 5:00 period.

Watch the entire video below:

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