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Review: Korleone The Steel Hammer – “Prometheus”

PrometheusBy Jay Mack
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

In actuality, what makes for a star in the music industry has very little to do with actual music. Instead, it is the presentation of the project and that determines if people like it or not. It is a stark change to how things began, but it is great marketing on behalf of companies.

With those facts in mind, Korleone The Steel Hammer knows these are the challenges he faces as an independent artist. Being independent means no true support from a machine. But, Korleone The Steel Hammer still made it happen.

Streaming is the way of the world and Korleone The Steel Hammer has music new album, Prometheus, on both Spotify and Jay Z’s TIDAL. A major change in music presentation is which streaming service deems a project an album. With this project, it was important for Korleone The Steel Hammer to let the world know he had an album.

Unfortunately, Korleone The Steel Hammer did not pay as much attention to the quality of the project, itself. While he delivers a good message, it is the cliche message every rapper delivers about being determined to be the best in the game. Going for it all, while staying true to oneself is how everyone should live life, not some exception to the rule.

It’s not that Korleone The Steel Hammer is a poor lyricist, because he is a true emcee, but his flow and his voice doesn’t synch well with the actual instrumental. Major kudos go to Korleone for his beat selection, but his voice isn’t a good fit for these tracks. It sounds as if his voice drowns out the instrumental, instead of blending into it and this, not the actual lyrics, grabs the attention of the listener, when playing the album back.

But, a good presentation goes a long way and Korleone’s presentation means he will attract an audience. However, when they actually listen to the music, they are likely to be disappointed. In the case of Korleone The Steel Hammer, better luck next time, as he does have a solid foundation and once his projects are more properly organized, he seems to have the potential to make himself a factor in the music industry.

Hip Hop Vibe’s Rating: 5/10

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