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Floyd Mayweather buys $7.7 million mansion in Miami… CASH

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Floyd Mayweather buys $7.7 million mansion in Miami… CASH

Floyd Mayweather 2By Jay Rich
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Like the rest of the world, Floyd Mayweather is mourning the loss of cultural icon, Muhammad Ali. This loss probably hits Mayweather a little harder than most. Pro fighting has changed since Ali’s era, but definitely, Floyd is a fighter of the same ilk.

Quite a bit has changed since those days, as Floyd Mayweather is in the era of materialism. As a fighter, Mayweather embodies this in everything he does. Owning his own fight promotion company, his name is Team Money Team.

Floyd Mayweather’s nickname is Money and that’s for a good reason. A few days ago, he posted a pic on Instagram, showing his net worth, which is $650 million for those who were wondering. Now, $7.7 million of that is gone, as Floyd bought a Miami mansion.

Source: Bleacher Report

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