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Review: Voss – “Insatiable”

InsatiableBy Carlos Cureno
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Since there is only one chance to live life, there is one shot to pursue dreams. An artist in Philadelphia, Voss, lives by this philosophy. He is a veteran on the local scene in Philly and he recently released a new album for his audience.

Insatiable is the name of his new album, as he is preparing to leave his mark on the industry. Unfortunately, the content of this album fails to live up to the title. While Voss’ bars are decent, the sound quality is off and the intro speech is very outdated.

Overall, Voss proves to be a decent lyricist, but the quality of this project doesn’t live up to its album status. Lyrics are not the problem with Voss, but delivery is. He spends most of the album giving great bars, but his voice seems uninspired and almost bored with the music.

Perhaps Insatiable wasn’t enough of a challenge for him, or he was unable to properly to connect on his vision for the new music. If bets were taken, Hip Hop Vibe would go with the second one. Understand, this isn’t a a bad project, it just isn’t a very good album, but there is definitely ample room for improvement.

Hip Hop Vibe’s Rating: 3/10

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