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Shawn Archer releases #Swagand808s official track listing [PHOTO]

Shawn Archer 2By Carlos Cureno
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

A couple of years ago, Philadelphia had a lot of momentum, as many artists from the city were getting signed. Times have changed, but there is still solid focus on the Philly hip hop scene. Now, SKE Records is leading the charge in the City of Brotherly Love.

Shawn Archer is currently taking up the spotlight, as Trel Mack already has a project out. Now, Shawn Archer is doing his thing, working on his release, Swag & 808s, which is coming soon. With the project release around the corner, Shawn Archer gave fans another teaser.

Many fans are curious to know how Swag & 808s will roll out. Aside from the songs already out, Shawn Archer doesn’t have much more info on the project. Tonight, this changed, as Shawn Archer released the official track listing for the new project.

See the Swag & 808s artwork below:

Swag & 808s

Read the Swag & 808s track listing below:

The Heist (Interlude) (Prod. By Platinum Sellers)
All I Want (Prod. By J Stoner)
Dope (Prod. By Brandon Lee )
No Lames Allowed (Prod. By Platinum Sellers)
Ms. Mable (Skit)
She Gotta ( Brandon Lee)
Philly Roc (Prod. By Brandon Lee)
The Conclusion ft. Q The Question (Prod. By Flawless Tracks)
Bonus Track:
I Hate These Rappers ft. Trel Mack

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