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Micky Munday – “Bye Felicia” [VIDEO]

Micky Munday featuring fellow California artists Y2 and IAMxLOVE in Bye Felicia hits a homerun melodically and even more so visually, captivating various components of sex, fun and gore! It’s been a while since we’ve seen a video with such diversity and character. Leave it up to LA rap artist to be a part of such an episodic experience. If you think its a stroke of luck, think again because the Hip-HopVibe team did some digging and we found another very interesting video titled Richard Nixon  in which the Rapper is seen with the fan favorite Cat Daddy Jerking group The Reg3ctz. 

From the swagged out old guy.

Old Man

To the Sexy Clowns Making a few Cameos! I think I would pay her to saw my arm off!

Clown Face

Don’t forget about the Gangsta Clowns!!!

Clown Pic

So many variables to this video its a must see time and time again to get your eyes on everything happening at the same time!

Micky Crazy Face

Ok enough! Look at the damn Video!!!

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