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Boonie talks “We Trappin'” single, Pittsburgh hip hop, and more

BoonieBy YRS Jerzy
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Recent years have seen Pittsburgh totally change the landscape of hip hop through the obvious names. Another name making a definite impact on the city is Boonie and he has a hot single. Currently, the city is buzzing due to his “We Trappin'” single.

Boonie is definitely doing his thing and the people within the city and outside of it are beginning to take notice. With his momentum picking up, Boonie is preparing an even bigger move. Once 2016 hits, Boonie plans to be the top artist of the year.

Taking time out of his schedule, Boonie decided to let Hip Hop Vibe into his life, for a day. There is a lot going on in both his life and his career. During the discussion, Boonie spoke on the single, “We Trappin’,” the Pittsburgh hip hop scene, and much more.

Read the entire interview below:

Today we sit down with Pittsburgh native Boonie The Kid who has a single getting some traction online. Let the people know more about you and your “We Trappin” single. Peace! My name is Boonie aka Boonie the Kid, reppin’ The Steel City, Pittsburgh PA. Coming from the notorious Homewood section! Steelhouse Ent. is my label. “We Trappin” is the latest single I dropped from my A Few Levels Higher CD, dropping in 2016! It’s a street/get money anthem for all my hustlers out there whether they’re getting it illegal or legally. Make sure y’all check for that! Also the “We Trappin” video is on YouTube & the song is on SoundCloud. Go check them out as well!

How has being in the Pittsburgh music scene developed your sound? Being in Pittsburgh, growing up I got a chance to be exposed andlisten to rappers from everywhere because the city’s geographical location! Back then, it was an East Coast/West Coast/Down South city so we listened to everything! This is why I’m very versatile rap-wise and can relate to all kinds of rap.

Your “We Trappin” single has been getting some major placements, What was your thought process during your session of the single? Well to be honest, I made the ‘We Trappin” song because I had to make a club song. I had a few family members who told me I couldn’t do it so I had to prove them wrong! lol I wrote the song in a couple or hours! It was the easiest song I ever wrote at that! lol As far as my thought process during the session, I kind of was angry because of what my family members had said. I used that as motivation.

Who are some of your favorite artists coming up out of the Pittsburgh music scene? Some of my favorite artist coming out of the Pittsburgh music scene are…hmmm…I would have to say my man Trapn Hardo & 2 dudes by the name of Dotto and Joey Fatz. Shout out to all three of those dudes! They’re doing their thing!

Was great speaking with you, Boonie, can you let everyone know where they can find you on social media? (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) No doubt! Thanks for having me! You can find me on Facebook at: ‘Alvin Boonie Nix’. On Instagram: @Booniethekid & on Twitter at: Booniethekid

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