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On The Rise: SoHo Kings

Soho KingsBy YRS Jerzy
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Tons of artists are out here forging their path to stardom in the music industry, especially in hip hop. A lot of people are inspired by the success stories that came before them, such as 50 Cent and NWA. Then, there are many who are inspired by the Terrence Howard-led “Empire.”

While success stories and television shows are good references to start out, hard work is what makes things move. Hard work is something SoHo Kings is a duo not afraid to get down and dirty. Due to this, they are shining all on their own.

Recently, Hip Hop Vibe had the good fortune of talking to SoHo Kings in the latest On The Rise segment. The duo have a lot of positive things in the works and they want to maximize everything. During their interview, they discussed their career aspirations and their new work.

Read the entire interview below:

With the year of 2015 coming to an end, how would you guys say the year was for you? It was a great year, our most active year yet. Started it out with the DJ Absolut hosted mixtape where we collaborated with Troy Ave, Ransom, Nitty Scott and Kwame Darko. Got out there a lot. Spent the fall touring universities, got out in front of a bunch of young people, our crowd, and really developed our live show. Closing it out with a new EP and high profile show in our home New York City. That’s a good year to anyone. Stock rising, pushing the art.

You two started the year out strong and you plan to close it strong with the Out of My Mind EP, what should fans expect from this new release? It really showcases our range. What makes us unique is the melding of genres, incorporating elements of rock, pop, EDM etc… while staying true to real rap music. So the “Out My Mind EP” has all of that in there. You can here everything from trap to Pink Floyd-esque Rock vibes.

How important is it to go into the New Year with good momentum? It’s everything for us. You can tell how good things are by how busy you are and how much content you’re putting out, and we’re turnt up on both counts. This industry is so F**ed up right now, it’s all about the momentum you create for yourself. We stay busy and already got new music and plans for 2016.

Are there any major names you guys hope to collaborate with next year? You know, whenever we work on a new beat or song and based on the vibe of that, sometimes we think of someone that would be a good fit and then we reach out to them. So far, we have been the facilitators in major name collabs so it works like that. You’ll definitely be hearing about someone and something major this year. What as happening more too is more local artists hitting us up to feature on their tracks, help out there careers and songs a little bit. So you’ll see that too

Outside of the music, are there any other career prospects you guys have, such as endorsements and possibly acting? Yeah, we do all that. We’ve been in talks for brand sponsorships for a while now. Also, I (BRYCE) do some acting on the side; I was just in a NIKE commercial with Odell Beckham Jr, and Celsius was just part of a fashion campaign for Packer Shoes and Mitchell & Ness.

What is the overall 2016 gameplan for SoHo Kings? New music, tours, and hopefully hear us on TV and film and video games. Just see us out all the time. We make music faster than artists on major labels. We more hungry.

Can you let the fans know where they can find you on social media? We’re easy to find. Hit us up at Soundcloud,, Twitter/IG, @sohokings, YouTube,, Facebook,

Watch “Out My Mind” by SoHo Kings below:

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