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Rick Ross releases promo for “Black Market” #BlackMarket

Rick Ross 19By Stranga The Great
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

A lot of people misunderstood Rick Ross when he first came into the game. Some wrote him off as another B.I.G. imitator, as he emerged a year after Guerilla Black. There were others who dismissed him as another Miami rapper with a one hit.

Rick Ross surprised the hip hop industry when he returned with his second album. Trilla caught on and helped Rick Ross remain relevant at a time when it could’ve gone either way. This is when his Def Jam role got bigger and Jay Z stepped up for him more.

Close to a decade later, Rick Ross remains one of the biggest artists in the game. His status is cemented and now he is negotiating with Jay Z and L.A. Reid about his label future, as Black Market is his final Def Jam album. Meanwhile, Rick Ross has begun promo for said album on his Instagram.

See Rick Ross’ Instagram photos below:


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