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Rihanna named Key Advisor for “The Voice” season nine #VoiceRIHveal

Rihanna 12By Matthew Bridge
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Ten summers ago, Rihanna made her debut and she has not looked back, making anthems almost every year. One of Jay Z’s first Def Jam signees, she followed his formula, releasing an album each year. The past three years have seen Rihanna keep a low profile, however.

Rihanna has done more than many realize over the past ten years. If she didn’t do anything else, Rihanna did manage to make some memorable tracks during this timespan. It seems as if Rihanna has done everything but television.

All of this is soon set to change, as Rihanna is the newest addition to the hit NBC series, “The Voice.” Entering season nine, Rihanna will be a Key Advisor for the contestants. This morning, the official Twitter for “The Voice” made the announcement, using the hashtag #VoiceRIHveal.

Read “The Voice’s” tweet below:


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