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HHV Exclusive: MDolla talks “I Heard It All” single release, mixtape and EP releases, and more

MDollaBy Matthew Bridge
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Now, more than ever, people are pursuing their dreams, as most feel as if they have nothing to lose. In economic times like these, many people get creative and a lot of people turn to music. But, with MDolla, music was always in him, it’s just all coming together for him, now.

MDolla has pursued a career in rap for well over a decade. His consistent work has now put him in a position of power in the game. Currently, his single, “I Heard It All,” is now moving and is becoming a big single, as he has his self-titled project in the works.

Recently, Hip Hop Vibe had the opportunity to talk to MDolla to discuss his latest work. During the interview, MDolla discussed the release of the single, “I Heard It All,” and the upcoming music video release. He also spoke on his upcoming projects, which should drop this summer.

Read the entire interview below:

As someone who has battled in the barbershop, can you explain how pivotal this place is to the hip hop culture? It was almost the real start of my career. Prior to this rap battle in the barber shop, I was freestyling for my friends at parties or w.e., but this day it was a real audience of people I never met before. So to see their reaction to my bars was a huge inspiration. To get love in another hood let me know that I can do this anywhere.

Can you discuss how instrumental the barbershop was in your own growth as an artist? It really let me know that I could go anywhere and get love if I could do it there. After the battle the other emcee, J Reed, showed me love and we worked together on records after that. I knew this was what I was supposed to be doing.

You recently released your single, “I Heard It All,” are you pleased with how this song is performing on the radio? Yes very pleased. The reaction from the fans to the DJs has been great! So many people are now reaching out to work with me or just to get the record for their show. Its a great feeling to see your hard work and discipline paying off.

At a time when artists are being discovered online, how important do you believe it is to still maintain a physical presence? Showing face is a huge part of this game. I’ve always recognized that and have been blessed to be in the right circles that I can go to any hood and get love. No better feeling that seeing peoples reactions to your music. The stage is an addiction, and I dont think it will ever grow old to me.

Boasting success on the mixtape level, can you detail what methods have been successful for you? We had great success with this last project because we had a great product, but even better placements. I worked with DJ Disspare, Nerve DJs, Q the Question to name a few to make sure this mixtape was everywhere online. Blog placement is a very important part of working any project and I was blessed to have the right plugs for MDolla, Vol. 1.

Do you have any new singles or major collaborations in the works? Yes, my next single is called “Zone.” I have a record out now called “Steph Curry” we dropped the night GS won the title and the video drops on Vevo July 6th. My EP is actually done, I am just taking my time and really putting together the right songs for the release. Still untitled at this time, but just know if you like what you’ve heard so far, you will love the EP.

Before we end things, can you let us know where to find you on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram?,,,,,

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