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On The Rise: Wise Words

Wise Words

By Stranga The Great
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

North Carolina has a major influence on the hip hop music, but it’s rarely noticed. Many are just beginning to give props due to J. Cole, the first rapper from NC to go platinum. But, there was Petey Pablo and many others before him, not mentioning those with NC roots.

Coming up is Wise Words, who is also from Fayetteville. There is a nice, bubbling, scene in Fayetteville and a lot of artists are emerging, all with unique sounds. The world is on the verge of hearing what Wise Words has to offer to the masses.

Recently, Wise Words sat down with Hip Hop Vibe for the On The Rise segment. In this interview, Wise Words shared with us his goals in the music industry. He also had a little fun with us, speaking on the pop culture side of the business.

Read the entire interview below:

How did you come up with the moniker, Wise Words? Fairly early in middle school, I fell in love with English and learning new words but that has nothing to do with this (laughs). A few years back, around 2009, I was kicking it at the homies crib and we were listening to a few of the tracks that me and my partner had been laying down over time.

The crew is always clowning and roasting and I became a target that night once one of my boys pointed out the caliber of vocabulary I was “attempting” to use and the wrong context I was using it in! Roasting me for my mishaps he said, “We just going to call you Wise Words”. I joined in to laugh at myself but I also remember sitting on the couch thinking “That’s actually dope”. A few days later I told them “I like that handle, I think I’m going to adopt that. The rest is history and I have not made that mistake since then (laughs).

Having such a love and passion for the arts and music itself, who are some of your favorite musicians in any genre? (Ahh) man! That’s a never-ending list to make (laughs). It’s so many great musician/artists emerging everyday on top of their predecessors that I could rattle on for quite a while. I might need this whole interview for that!

What did you take in from being raised around the military that shaped you into the man and artist that you are today? Definitely order, organization and the ability to adjust to change. Being a military brat means you get drug wherever the brass tells your pop’s and Ma dukes to go regardless of how you fell about it. That’s where the order an organization fall in. Always be ready for the change.

North Carolina as a whole has grown to be known for a more lyrical brew of Hip Hop. How would you describe your sound and tell us some of your influences? NC has a ton of unearthed talent, I just wish we would all work together more. I have some dope NC cats on my upcoming project and hoping to work with a few more. We have to push for one another if we want to lift the state. As far as sound, I don’t have just one so the best way I can sum that up is just to call it a melting pot of hip hop culture. I like to experiment with a mix of different approaches depending how the record moves my soul when I hear it. You never know how something turns out until you push the envelope. Some of My biggest influences coming up in the 90’s were Nas, Slick Rick, DMX, Missy Elliott, Ludacris, Busta Rhymes, Ja Rule, Wu-Tang, Lauryn Hill, Scarface, Dungeon Family, Jay, Tupac and Biggie just to name a few.

What do you plan on bringing to the new generation of Hip Hop listeners? Substance, great music, honesty, clarity, real hip hop, guidance, solace, understanding etc. Anything that builds minds and spirits. Once I had my daughter in 2011 I changed my tune a whole lot and I immensely shifted my view as an artist. Now I push a positive message in just about every song and there are little to no vulgarities. My daughter pushed me to another level just knowing that one day she’d be hearing my music.

Do you listen to mainstream Hip Hop and if so name a few artists who you are impressed by lyrically? I have not listened to a radio broadcast in at least 6 months. I like the Indie stage more, it’s not so watered down. It’s pure down here and everybody on this platform is hungry. Randomly picking the first 3 names off the top that I’m impressed with I would say CyHi the Prynce, Mick Jenkins and the homie, Lotta, from around my way. Lyrically they are a breath of fresh air.

What steps are you currently taking to get to the next level and separate yourself from other independents? I’m really just being me. I don’t try to stand out because I don’t have to, I am me. There isn’t another one and that makes me and my story rare. People should stop trying to be different and just be themselves. With that being said as far as reaching the next level I’ve become way more personal in my music. I just make music real people connect and relate to.

Jay-Z has Beyonce and Meek Mill just recently scored Nicki Minaj. Once you get popping what female artist would you be checking for? (hmmm) how much time we got left? (Laughs) nah man, I got my day one riding with me and she holds me down so I don’t need to check for anything. We good over here!

Now for the money question, in your opinion who is the G.O.A.T as far as rapper and producer? (Aahhh) One of the best chapters in the Great Debatables. I’m a major Nas fan. The wordplay, lyrical content, style, the storytelling, the gems he drops and the growth etc. Just watching the growth from “Illmatic” to “Life is Good” has been a dope thing to witness and likewise with Hov.

Can you tell us how to find you on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook? Hit me on Twitter and Instagram @Wise910. Facebook, @Wise Words. For new Sounds check me out on SoundCloud, at Wise Words. I’m building my catalog so if you like to experience growth this is essentially day one! Hope you tag along!

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