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Chox-Mak releases single cover for “Survival,” featuring Joell Ortiz [PHOTO]

ChoxBy Matthew Bridge
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

A few weeks removed from doing the “Respect The Hustle” tour, Chox-Mak continues to find ways to succeed. The Jacksonville emcee has more coming since he got back to his North Carolina home. He has a collaboration with a relative big name.

Chox-Mak has put together a consistent amount of music over the years and he makes a big impression each time. One of the biggest moves of his career was developing a working relationship with Dr. G. This has blossomed into more than either anticipated, producing much dopeness.

Recently, Chox-Mak teamed up with Dr. G for a track called “Survival” and landed a big feature with Joell Ortiz for it. This song has the makings of a lyrical classic and fans who know what Chox-Mak is capable of know what this means. The single will be available for streaming and downloading next Monday.

See the “Survival” single cover below:


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