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DJ YRS Jerzy’s Wednesday Throwback: Ludacris – “Southern Hospitality”

SouthernhospitalityvidBy DJ YRS Jerzy
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

This week, a lot of older hip hop fans are happy to have Ludacris back in rotation. Not only is his music everywhere, Ludacris is sitting down with all the key media outlets. With this, the world has found out what is going on in his mind.

When Ludacris released his last few albums, they were panned by his core fan base. These albums were too mature for the audience who missed the Back For The First Time version of Ludacris. So, Ludacris provided both of his eras with Ludaversal, which dropped yesterday.

Ludacris proved he can make hot music now, but he’s been doing this for fifteen years. Seeing how Ludacris is everywhere, there are some people who don’t know his history, so this week’s Wednesday Throwback is all for them. His early hit, “Southern Hospitality,” off Back For The First Time is our Throwback for this week.

Watch “Southern Hospitality” by Ludacris below:

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