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Interview: Lawyer for G4 Boyz’ Ice Baby speaks on his legal situation

Ice LawyerBy Fio Borrelli
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Well-known on the internet, the G4 Boyz are a flashy, young, rap duo from New York City. But, they have been keeping a low profile over the past couple of months. This is due to a series of legal setbacks that have impacted Ice Baby, one half of the duo.

Back in 2013, the G4 Boyz talked to Hip Hop Vibe about their then-rising internet fame. They had just started working on Control Your Jealousy during that period of time. Upon the freedom of Ice Baby, the G4 Boyz fully intend to release their new project.

Hip Hop Vibe had the chance to talk to Ice Baby’s lawyer. There is a lot of speculation about what is going on with Ice Baby and she has the answers. With the G4 Boyz planning their album release, a new video game, a deal with Netflix, and other major business ventures, having all the facts is very important.

Read the entire interview below:

Currently, Ice Baby is serving time in prison, if you are at liberty to say, how will this impact his deal with Netflix and the release of Control Your Jealousy the album? Thankfully for the G4 Boyz, their distribution deal for their movie was set in place prior to Ice Baby incarceration. Obviously time taken away from any citizen can take away from their personal and business lives. Everything is still in motion as far as that situation goes.

Is there any kind of information that you can pass along to the fans regarding his case/incarceration? or bail status? The most I can reveal at this time is that he uneligible to receive bail due to the nature of his legal situation. My team and I are very confident about representing him during his upcoming court date.

What is the next move in regards to the G4 Boyz work wise? G4 Boyz have a video game entitled ” GWALLA LAND” that will be available for purchase in the app store. Fans can now go to and purchase “FREE ICE BABY” T shirts in all colors and sizes. Be sure to download Ballin Wit No Deal part 2, which is out now on iTunes, and it features Gino Marley and Migos. G4 Boyz are also in preperation for their first American tour as well as a new album so there’s alot of great things to look forward to.

Do you have a special message that Ice Baby can share with his fans? Yes! Ice Baby is asking all of his fans to keep that G4 plane in the sky, hes very excited to seeing you all very soon and to remember to represent him well and get his “Free Ice Baby” tee shirt on or

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