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DJ Toomp talks T.I.’s “Paperwork” with DJ Smallz [VIDEO]

DJ Toomp DJ SmallzBy Stranga The Great
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Behind the scenes, DJ Toomp is a pioneer on the Atlanta hip hop scene. In a little over twenty years, DJ Toomp broke many of the biggest Atlanta rappers in history. One of the biggest ones was T.I., with whom DJ Toomp created “What You Know,” his major 2006 single.

During the BET Hip Hop Awards weekend, DJ Toomp talked to Hip Hop Vibe’s DJ Charlie Hustle about his place on his city’s scene. It was in this same time period when DJ Toomp was featured in VH1’s Atlanta hip hop documentary. Also, it was when T.I. was preparing Paperwork.

DJ Toomp sat down for another interview, this time with the homie, DJ Smallz. With T.I. being only months removed from the Paperwork album release, DJ Toomp discussed this album. While he and T.I. are close, DJ Toomp said he isn’t a fan of this new album from Tip.

Watch the entire interview below:

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