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Track listing for 50 Cent’s “Street King Immortal” leaks?

50 Cent 58By Matthew Bridge
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

A major comeback in 2014 that went overlooked in all of the events that transpired was 50 Cent. Not only did 2014 see him drop Animal Ambition, his first album in five years, he also reunited with G-Unit. But, the album that 50 Cent has teased for years is Street King Immortal.

Once 50 Cent left Interscope Records, he made plans of releasing his new album in November. But, clearly, the album will not come now until sometime this year. It looks as if 50 Cent already is making plans towards his album coming out.

Recently, a track listing hit the internet and many believe this is the track listing for Street King Immortal. The release date for the album has yet to be revealed, but there are reports of the album coming to form. One of the tracks on this list looks as if it may be produced by Scott Storch, but it can all be viewed below.

See the Street King Immortal? track listing below:


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