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HHV Exclusive: Lele Lux talks music videos, reality television, and more

Lele Lux

By Stranga The Great
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

A popular figure on the urban modeling scene is Lele Lux, who is a native of Nashville. She has appeared in music videos from such names as Rich Boy and The City Paper, among others. Outside of the music videos, Lele Lux has appeared in magazines and has an interest in reality TV.

Lele Lux has become one of the more popular ladies in the game, on the comeup. Due to her interesting look and seductive curves, Lele Lux is builing a big fan base. This fan base has expanded over the past few months and has more to come.

Yesterday, it seemed as if Hip Hop Vibe forgot to deliver something we deliver every week. The intention was to get it out yesterday, but it was Christmas. But, today, the Lele Lux interview is here and she discussed her appearances in music videos, her goals with that, “Bad Girls’ Club,” and much more in the final Hottie feature of 2014.

Read the entire interview below:

So, for those who don’t know about you, can you give them a little background about how you got into the game? Well, it started around five years ago. I went to a casting for a runway show here in Nashville and I was selected. After the show, I was asked to be in the sequel show. My start was in runway, but I networked through working in the club and this led to me making entertainment connections. People really liked my look and I began doing videos. With good people on my side and networking, I was able to get my stuff out there.

You have appeared in music videos from the likes of Rich Boy and The City Paper, who are some other rappers you’ve been in videos for? I have worked with some local rappers here in Nashville, Antwan Adams, an R&B singer from Nashville. My latest video came this summer, but I am straying away from music videos, unless it is something more mainstream. I need to get down to Atlanta to link with people in that area. People like me and I am a good businesswoman. On the promotional side, I have branded hair, clothing, and makeup as a model. I currently work with a DJ in Houston, DJ Rizzy, and we collaborate on different things. He has put me in the hands of other good people and I have been doing hosting.

There are a long line of ladies before you who owned the game through modeling, who are some of the people you look up to in the industry? Well, I am twenty-five, so I remember a lot of them. My favorite, however, is Melyssa Ford. The first time I saw her was in a Jay-Z video and now she has branched out and is a mogul. She manages to be a boss, stay sexy, and also classy at the same time. I admired how she kept her class and remained sexy, she still holds herself at high standards as a vixen even while not being as mainstream.

Some well-known ladies in the modeling game, such as Tahiry and Erica Mena found success on reality TV with “Love & Hip Hop,” how do you feel about their portrayals on TV? Well, for Tahiry, I am a big fan of her and I love her to death. “Love & Hip Hop” is a show where people document your life, the good, the bad, the ugly. They have to show those hard times, but in real life, you can overlook it. But, it comes with the fame and the business. Both ladies are businesswomen and I love what they are dong with their career.

We follow you on Instagram, so we’ve seen your campaign to appear on the next season of “Bad Girls’ Club,” what makes you want to be on this series? It was ironic, I was cast to appear on the show in 2009, so I turned the show down, because I was starting college. I felt so bad after watching that season, but the opportunity came back, so I am pursuing it. My family supports me and I am doing this, doing something fun and positive, and putting Nashville on the map.

How do you feel about the impact reality television has begun to have on the hip hop culture? I feel that reality television does two things. One, it is a great opportunity to make money, open business, network, and meet fans. But, a lot of negativity comes from all of the fighting, scandals, and the rumors. Words can get misconstrued and social media can work against you. But, if used right, it can lead to positive things and some reality stars have made it work. I have been on the fence about that part of it, because I’m not for the fighting. But, that is the bread and butter, it does make the urban community look bad, but it is what it is, it’s a part of the business, so you need to have tough skin.

What are some things you have coming up that people should be looking out for? Well, 2015 is going to be a very sporadic year. I want to start my own boutique. I lost over 60 pounds over the past year and I want to give my fans and followers some tips so they know they can lose weight without surgery. I am doing a fitness botique. Hopefully, you’ll see me on Oxygen with “Bad Girls Club.” I also want to go on tour and I’m working with different artists and promoters to get on the West Coast. Hopefully, we can make it bigger and better this year.

Can you let people know where they can find you on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? Sure. Instagram @Iamlelelux, Facebook Lele Lux, Twitter is @lelelux00.

See additional photos of Lele Lux below:

Lele Lux 2

Lele Lux 3

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