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#LHHNY Bonus Clip: Is Yandy cheating on Mendeecees? [VIDEO]

Yandy MendeeceesBy Fio Borrelli
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Season five of “Love & Hip Hop” is underway on VH1, coming days after the other version of the series ended. The main players are back in action, so Yandy Smith is back to business, with some good news. Her longtime lover, Mendeecees is back from prison and he’s ready to rebuild his family.

Mendeecees has been in prison since season three wrapped, which is close to two years. A lot can happen in the matter of a day, so imagine what two years can do to a relationship. It is not hard to imagine the worst in a situation like that, which is what happened to Mendeecees, but it didn’t air on the show.

A bonus clip from the season premiere shows Mendeecees confronting Yandy over some text messages he found when he had her phone. These text messages are from guys who say they miss her. This was enough to drive Mendeecees off the deep end and confront Yandy about possible cheating.

Watch the entire interview below:

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