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HHV Happy Thanksgiving: Ayisha Diaz’s best moments of 2014 (Too Hot For TV)

Ayisha DiazBy Stranga The Great
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Being alive and with family is enough to be thankful for, because not everybody has that luxury. Good food is also a blessing, because of all of those who go without meals. Another blessing is the luxury of being able to see Ayisha Diaz do her thing, because not everyone is fully aware of her.

Last fall, Ayisha Diaz did a Hottie of the Week interview with Hip Hop Vibe, fresh off of her doing Wale’s “Clappers.” This was right before she appeared in Busta Rhymes’ music video for “Thank You,” which was star-studded. Ayisha Diaz came into her own last year and did the year of 2014 the way a boss woman should.

Those who paid attention to P. Reign’s “DNF” music video should recognize Ayisha Diaz in the music video. She continues to hit the game with nothing but hotness. Whether Morning or evening, Ayisha Diaz brought Too Hot For TV to life. Given how popular her feature last year was, Hip Hop Vibe will spend Thanksgiving 2014 weekend looking at her.

Ayisha Diaz redefines the NYC skyline:

Ayisha Diaz skyline

Ayisha Diaz had a dominating year in 2013 and she began 2014 in fashion. Her business is looking good and Ayisha Diaz did just that when she brought a new look to New York City’s skyline.

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Ayisha Diaz infamously shuts down Fat Trel

Ayisha TrelThis particular moment did not show Ayisha Diaz’s physical sexiness, but how she defended herself was admirable. Fat Trel has been doing his thing in the rap game and made a big move by joining MMG in 2013. While both Fat Trel and Ayisha Diaz had successful years in 2013, she didn’t agree with his Instagram post and she had her way of making it known to the whole world.

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Ayisha Diaz’s selfie with her cat

Ayisha Diaz topless selfieEvery woman has different attributes that make people fall in love with her and Ayisha Diaz’s is her love for her pets. When she posted the photo of herself topless and holding her cat to Instagram, there were plenty of people jealous of that feline, with no question.

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Ayisha Diaz behind the scenes of “DNF” with P. Reign and Drake

Ayisha Diaz 11As previously stated, Ayisha Diaz is a boss and one of her best moments of the year came only a week ago. She was flown to St. Maartens to party with P. Reign and Drake for the “DNF” video shoot, looking as gorgeous as ever. Along with the other ladies there, Ayisha participated in a HOT behind the scenes video.

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